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Yolo ARES Net Log for 7/3/2017

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: Ken - K6WLS

Members checked in:
    kj6vhe - Doug
    ki6hha - Dennis
    wa6tqj - Gary
    k6bil - William
    k6wls - Kenneth R
    kg6sjt - Greg
    kg6uey - William C
    ki6ate - John P
    w6kjx - Lu

   9 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins: None

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic: None

Doug - None
Ken - Announcement - Quick announcement about the FCC license test coming up on August 12, at the LDS Chapel at 850 Pioneer Ave. Starts at 0730 and closes down at 0930. All three elements will be tested and walk-ins are welcome. Notify your friends that want to get licensed or come by and get your upgrade. We love licensing Hams.

Official Traffic
Traffic:Bill K6BIL - BARK general mtg after fcc test Aug 12 at Bill's office 10:00 til Noon With pizza after.

Doug KJ6VHE announced that Roger Peoples KD6FBF contacted him and wanted info about ARES. Lets contact him. (maybe he would like to do a message)

Practice Message (or more traffic) Practice Message: Ken K6WLS
21 R K6WLS 10 Woodland 2000 070317
Yolo ARES members
No message ready this week
shame on us guys X

Closing time: 8:20:00 PM

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