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Getting your First Ham License

To get your technician's license, you have to pass an exam consisting of 35 multiple-choice questions. If you answer 74% or more correctly, you're a ham! All questions on the written ham radio exams are drawn from a public "pool" of questions. You can download all of the multiple-choice questions and answers from American Radio Relay League (ARRL) web site.

ARRL has great information and resources to help you obtain your first ham license- a Technician license. ARLL has developed the web site Hello-Radio to give you an overview of Ham Radio and how you can get started.

One of the best ways to prepare to take the test for your license is to take Practice tests that are available from many sources. All of the practice tests ask EXACTLY same questions, but they use different formats to present the questions and answers. Below are some site where you can practice.


When you are ready to take your test, you can find a testing location near you.

BARK and Yolo ARES will be holding test session on January 18th in Woodland CA . It will be at the LDS Chapel at 850 Pioneer Ave. The session will start at 7:30am and remain open until 9:30am.
This is a good opportunity to have someone you know get their technician license or for someone to upgrade to General or Amateur Extra.

Contact Ken, K6WLS, 530 305-4088

email gramps55@gmail.com

Good luck! We hope to hear you on the air!

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