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Welcome to the Yolo ARES® Group

Weekly nets Monday nights at 8:00pm on the KE6YUV repeater: 146.970 neg MHz PL 123.0

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Sign up for the Cache Creek Ridge Ride, May 5 & 6 2018
6:00 AM until 6:00 PM. although not all assignments require all day participation. Please indicate which day or days that you are available.
If you have any questions, email Rick, N6KLB: ricklittlefield1@gmail.com, or call 530-309-8592    3/13/2018


Sending Messages using the Radiogram form
You can find information on how to pass messages using the ARRL Radiogram form and the ICS-213 form.

You can get a copy here:

You will notice it is very similar, but there are a few differences.
You might also review the "NTS guidlines Chapter 2 Sending Messages by Voice”
and the "NTS Cheat Sheet and ARRL Numbered Radiograms.pdf"
http://tinyurl.com/z44uyx2    11/7/2016


Do you or another ham have BAOFENG radio? If so, they might want to check out a step by step programming guide by Dennis KI6HHA.    10/25/2016


Real-Time Fire Map of Active Wildfires in the US
This map was developed for Oregon Live. The map is updated every 30 minutes.    8/24/2015


ARES Deployment and Assignment Form
The ARES Deployment and Assignment Form, helps ARES members gather and organize information they might need for deployment.    6/17/2015


Updated Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual Now Online
The latest edition (March 2015) of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) Manual now is online.    5/21/2015


Yolo ARES Everbridge Sign-up
All Yolo County ARES members are encouraged to sign-up with Yolo County Everbridge Notification/ Alert system.
Please go to:
Fill out the information and get registered. Once you have registered for Everbridge, please go to: http://www.yoloares.org/news/2014/everbridge/
This form will let Rick, N6KLB, know you have registered. Dana Carey at Yolo OES has requested a list of Yolo ARES members who have registered so she can put us in a group.


A Great Net Control Tool

The MicroAMP HA400 allows the connection of headphones and an external speaker.

We used this supporting the Cache Creek Ridge Ride.    5/27/2013


Cache Creek Ridge Ride

Photos from the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. Yolo County ARES provided communications support for this 12 hour event. A big thank you to K6WLS, Ken; Gary,WA6TQJ; Wes, WS6Z; Katie, logger for Wes; Bryce, K7DWO; Daniel, KJ6LVS; Bill, K6KN; Rob, N6KIX; Chris, KJ6VKR; Zack, KG6VCQ; Rick, N6KLB; and Greg. KG6SJT. The event was a success for Yolo County ARES and our work was greatly appreciated by Ride Management and the riders. We will discuss what we learned and what we can do to improve at our next Meeting, May 15, 2012.    5/13/2012


Updated Versions of ICS-213 form
The ICS-213 form that Yolo County ARES is using have been updated to include a field for "Incident Name."

ICS-213 General message form for printing. Updated March 25, 2010

Fillable ICS-213 form for use with Adobe Acrobat 9 or greater.



ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, gave a presentation on using the ICS-213 form to the Sacramento Valley ARES conference April 2, 1011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    4/3/2011


Yolo County Hospital Presentation
Yolo County ARES was asked by the Yolo County Hospitals to give a presentation about amateur radio, ARES, how amateur radio could support the hospitals in an emergency, and how the hospitals might be involved. Ken Wilson, K6WLS, gave the presentation.    2/16/2011


Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, were invited to the Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve to give a presentation on using the ICS-213 form on January 20, 2011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    1/30/2011


50 ICS-213 Practice Messages from 2010
Need an example or an idea for a pactice ICS-213 message?
Yolo ARES members have been practicing message handling since August 2005. The link above will download a .zip file with 50 messages that we have given on our net during 2010.    12/20/2010


Yolo County ARES ICS-213 Form
The November 2, 2010 ARRL ARES E-Letter and the May 2009 issue of QST contained articles on ICS-213 forms and the Yolo County ARES ICS-213 form was displayed and mentioned.
Here is the version of the ICS-213 form that Yolo ARES is using when working with the City of Davis Fire Department.
   ICS-213 form for printing
   ICS-213 form that may be filled in on your computer using Acrobat 9 reader    11/4/2010


Yolo County ARES ICS-213 Form
The May 2009 issue of QST contained an article on ICS-213 forms and our form was displayed.
Here is the version of the ICS-213 form that Yolo ARES will be using when working with the Davis Fire Department.
   ICS-213 form for printing
   ICS-213 form that may be filled in on your computer using Acrobat 9 reader    4/23/2009


Antenna Installation at Davis Fire Department Station 32 completed!
Ken, K6WLS, and greg, KG6SJT, completed the antenna installation and coax run at station 32! ALL three fire stations now have antennas installed.    3/30/2009

Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

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