Larry, WD6FXR, demos a Go Kit at Yolo ARES Meeting

October 19, 2010

At the October Yolo County ARES meeting, Sacramento Valley EC, Larry Sutter, visted and demoed his go kit.

WD6FXR, Larry's go-kit consists of:

To make the kit:

1. Determine your communication needs -- and choose your equipment.
2. Do a rough layout to determine an effective arrangement -- You can make up cardboard templates
-- consider your layout -- can you easily operate your equipment?
-- also consider your case (that will hold the radios and possibly another case for transporting the go-kit (This can be a box, case or a custom-made enclosure -- I customized mine with plywood).
3. Make it -- hint: (1) measure twice before cutting your mounting(s); (2) use a miter saw to make square cuts, if you use wooden mounts.
4. Make up the cables (be careful with the PowerPoles -- make sure the colors match.
5. Test your go-kit -- you can re-mount or reposition a unit to make it easier to see and operate
6. Go for it!!!


DSCF5573 DSCF5574 DSCF5575 DSCF5578
DSCF5579 DSCF5580 DSCF5581 DSCF5582
DSCF5584 DSCF5586 DSCF5587 DSCF5588

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