BARK / Yolo ARES VE Exam Session

December 11, 2010, Davis

BARK and Yolo ARES sponsored a VE test exam On Saturday, December 11, 2010

Test results were: 16 Technicians, 4 Generals, and 4 Extras.

Thank you to all who jhelped out with the test session.
The VE's that worked today were: David Towle- W6VNQ, Bob Jordan - KI6BZR, Bob Hewitt - -K6HEW, Bill Ragsdale - K6KN, Mark Ochoa - KD6QHH, Vaclav Vyvoda K6DG, David Nishikawa - KC6VNY, Greg Kruckewitt - KG6SJT, and Ken Wilson - K6WLS
Also helping out were: Darrin Ogletree - K9RTY, Peter LIndquist - KJ6KKS, Dan Stromness - KK6DXN, Dale Dennis - KJ6HHY, and Ken Asay - KI6IMT.

DSCF5592 DSCF5593 DSCF5594
DSCF5596 DSCF5597 DSCF5598

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