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Yolo ARES Net Log for 9/4/2017

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: N6JOA, Charlie

Members checked in:
    kj6vhe - Doug
    k6kn - Bill
    w6faq - John
    wa6tqj - Gary
    k6bil - William
    kg6sjt - Greg
    kg6uey - William C
    ki6ate - John P
    kk6ycs - Franklin (Frank)
    n6joa - Charles (Charlie)
    n6kix - Rob
    n6klb - Rick
    n6olo - Pam
    w6kjx - Lu
    wb6lew - Lew

   15 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins:
KK6MNV Scott Esparto, CA
WB6DNL Dave Davis, CA

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic: None.

Announcements WA6TQJ - At Yolo County EOC testing equipment. 2m Works. No 80 M tonight - Holiday

Official Traffic
Bill K6BIL - Packet Training Session 16Sept2017 10an-12noon 500 1 St. Street Woodland, Ca - Bring radio, TNC, Computer - We will get you started. Greg KG6SJT - Up date on ARES activities at the Ponderous fire - Butte county folks worked 4 days. Jim N6MED to Brownsville with limited standard comm resources - Ham radio resources very helpful. Teams from Nevada, Sacramento, Yuba, and Sutter Counties stood at the ready but not needed.... Be prepared and have your equipment ready to go. Gary WA6TQJ - CW in the park Saturday 9 September 2017 9am - 11am Everman Park 929 Cottage Drive, Woodland,CA

Practice Message (or more traffic) Practice Message: No. 12 - Routine - Word Count 26 - Date: 01-12-97 Time 1100 hours KG6FJL. Animal Support Request - Wild herd of Wombats running thru town. Send Wombats wranglers ASAP. Water rising in creek. Need to evac 35 children fire station.

Closing time: 8:22:00 PM

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