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Yolo ARES Net Log for 6/8/2015

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: K7DWO, Bryce

Members checked in:
    n6klb - Rick
    k6wls - Kenneth R
    wa6tqj - Gary
    k6bil - William
    k7dwo - Bryce
    kf6hhh - Daniel
    kg6sjt - Greg
    kg6uey - William C
    ki6ate - John P
    ki6bzr - Bob
    kj6vhe - Doug
    n6joa - Charles (Charlie)
    n6kix - Rob
    n6olo - Pam
    w6faq - John
    wb6lew - Lew
    ki6dwp - John (Amador ARES)

   17 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins:KJ6VVB, Bob, Sacramento, no traffic

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic: None

Announcements N6KLB advised he will hold traffic until after roll call.

Official Traffic
Traffic: Gary, WA6TQJ - No location available for field day will discuss at next ARES meeting. Rick, N6KLB - (1) Next ARES meeting is Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at the BelAir Grocery Store in Woodland at 1930. (2) Requirements for Yolo ARES, Yolo County Disaster Service Worker have been sent out via e-mail and will be discussed at next ARES meeting. Most requirements are something we are already doing - will talk about training. N6JOA, Charles asked about net control and message calendar for N6JOA and N6OLO. N6KLB, Rick advised N6JOA regarding query. N6JOA questioned dates. KG6SJT advised N6JOA that access to calendar was on Yolo ARES website. Net Control, K7DWO, directed conversation relative to calendar schedule be conducted after net closure.

Practice Message (or more traffic) Practice Message: 159 R K6BIL 38 Woodland 2010 06/08/15
To: Yolo ARES Members
From: K6BIL
Subj: The Coming Winter

The current warming of the
Pacific, referred to as
El Nino, generally results
in wet, warm winters
. Even with increased rains
snow formation is minimal so
odds are the drought will
continue into 2016

Closing time: 8:23:00 PM

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