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Yolo ARES Net Log for 10/25/2004

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: kg6sjt, greg

Members checked in:
    kg6fjl - Darrin
    aa6mr - Linda
    kf6snf - Clayton
    ka9mdp - Bob
    kg6sjt - Greg

   5 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins:
W6OT- Dave

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic:

Darrin will be going to CHICO for the meeting of ARES Ec's and AECs on November 30.

Darrin mentioned that he has had five queries regarding Yolo ARES. He wil be sending packets out to them.

Official Traffic

DAve asked if anyone could cover for the YARS net this evening if he is not home. Bob, KA9MDP, said he would do it.

Linda and Clay have adjusted thier schedules so they could attend the meeting for ARES ECs and AECs in Chico. EXCELLENT!

Darrin, noted info on traffic handling nets in the area.

- Norcal net 1900 Local 3630 khz cw
- Norcal net 2100 Local 3705 slow cw
- Norcal net 1930 Local 145.210- pl 100.0 stockton
- Sac Valley traffic net 2100 Local pl 110.9 chico

Practice Message (or more traffic) Official traffic:

Closing time: 8:15:00 PM

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